West Florida Collaborative Law, Inc. Officers

West Florida Collaborative Law

Pensacola, Florida Collaborative Family Law Practice Group Announces It’s Inaugural Officers:

President – John Susko, Esq.

Vice President – Stephen Pitre, Esq.

Secretary – Joshua Aaron Jones, Esq.

Treasurer – Catherine Bond, CPA

The officers are happy to take questions from the public and from our legal, financial, and mental health colleagues. We welcome the opportunity to speak with your professional, school, church, or civic group about the benefits of collaborative family law, as an option in marital and family legal disputes. Please contact us to schedule a presentation.

Our group is already off to a great start! Less than a month into our membership drive, we’ve joined with more than twenty members. Meanwhile, our programs committee is working diligently to bring the group high-quality speakers, for our monthly meetings, and outreach programs to educate the public and our colleagues about collaborative family law.

Join us!