Collaborative Family Law Arrives in Northwest Florida

West Florida Collaborative Law

Collaborative family law has finally arrived in the Pensacola, Florida region! Though the concept evolved almost thirty years ago, Florida has only seen a growth of this relatively new practice technique over the last decade. With the creation of West Florida Collaboartive Law, Inc. and a commitment among local professionals, the addition of collaborative family law model in the area brings Florida full circle. Now, Florida residents in all corners of the state have access to collaborative family law professionals.

In the coming months, Escambia and Santa Rosa County attorneys, financial experts, and mental health counselors, will continue offering educational experiences to colleagues and the public, so that our entire community will be knowledgeable about this new option for resolving collaborative family law disputes. To aid in that educational outreach effort, West Florida Collaborative Law, Inc. is glad to provide speakers for local civic, social, professional, and school groups. Please contact us to schedule a speaker.

Keep checking back with us for new content on this website, including blog entries (written entirely by our local professionals), news, and our members’ profiles.

pensacola collaborative family law
Joshua Aaron Jones is a collaborative family law attorney in Pensacola, Florida.